• Pros & Cons To Making Baby Food

    There is a lot to decide when it comes to the food you give your baby. I've broken down the Pros and Cons to buying and making baby food to help you with the choice. Although, my daughter is now four ... Read More

    Pros & Cons To Making Baby Food
  • Political Songs Of The Week

    Let me disclaim this post that I'm VERY passionate about my Political beliefs and if you oppose that's fine but I'm not here to fight, and I won't respond. On Friday Donald Trump became our 45th ... Read More

    Political Songs Of The Week
  • Salsa Verde Pasta:

    Salsa Verde Pasta is a delicious Mexican inspired dish full of flavor and cheese. It's bound to be a hit for any pasta lover! Welcome to Meatless Monday where each week I introduce you to a ... Read More

    Salsa Verde Pasta:
  • Best Things to do in Las Vegas with Kids!

    Las Vegas, Nevada may not be the place you envision taking children, but if you do there are plenty of free or cheap things to do to keep the kids entertained. I don't know about you, but I love ... Read More

    Best Things to do in Las Vegas with Kids!
  • Easiest Pasta Recipe

    Today I'm bringing you the Easiest Pasta Recipe which is full of flavor that the whole family will enjoy! I admit I may have justĀ over hyped this recipe but I feel confident you will agree with ... Read More

    Easiest Pasta Recipe
  • Awake Chocolate Bar

    If you love chocolate and are always tired, the Awake Chocolate Bar is going to be your new best friend! Have you ever been so busy you feel like you can't catch your breath? That's how I've ... Read More

    Awake Chocolate Bar