• Songs of the week

    Songs of the week are some of my favorite throwback songs by Maroon 5, Blink182, Switchfoot, Enrique Iglesias, Rascal Flatts, and N'sync! Happy Friday! This week I thought I'd switch it up and ... Read More

    Songs of the week
  • Songs Of The Week for July 31st

    Songs of the week include pop, dance, and rap tunes from the past 10 years! Welcome to another edition of Songs of the week. If you are new, welcome! Each week I pick songs that I’m currently ... Read More

    Songs Of The Week for July 31st
  • Lifestyle Change

    The shocking lifestyle change my husband wants to make for our family! Two weeks ago my husband rocked my world when he told me he wanted to make a lifestyle change. First, let me backtrack. My ... Read More

    Lifestyle Change
  • The Unexpected Conversation

    My daughter said the unthinkable to me, and it's opened my eyes to how impressionable young kids are. Let me preface this by saying; this is not intended to be a political piece. I love politics but ... Read More

    The Unexpected Conversation
  • Hello World!!!

    Welcome to She Rocks The Suburbs and thank you so much for visiting. This website has been a few years in the making, and I'm so excited to be finally launching something I am proud of. To kick off my ... Read More

    Hello World!!!
  • Rough Week

    It's been a rough week in the suburbs but I'm doing alright and have a lot to consider... To say the least, this has been a rough week.  I received some horrible news from my employer, my job was ... Read More

    Rough Week