• Why I will never have a clean house

    While I've never been a neat freak or OCD about a clean house, I still prefer cleanliness to messiness. I don't freak over a little clutter, but when it comes to mounds of clutter, it's a different ... Read More

    Why I will never have a clean house
  • Easiest Pasta Recipe

    Today I'm bringing you the Easiest Pasta Recipe which is full of flavor that the whole family will enjoy! I admit I may have just over hyped this recipe but I feel confident you will agree with ... Read More

    Easiest Pasta Recipe
  • Arizona Science Center

    The Arizona Science Center is perfect for kids and adults with four floors of science and fun. This is a must visit if you visit Phoenix! At the beginning of Summer, my daughter and I came up with a ... Read More

    Arizona Science Center
  • 33 Times 10 = 1 Year Of Fun

    A few weeks ago I turned 33, I'm weird and hate odd-numbered birthday years so to ensure I live it up for my 33rd year of life I've composed a Top 10 list of things I'd like to do this year. ... Read More

    33 Times 10 = 1 Year Of Fun
  • Checkout 51

    Checkout 51, is an app which helps you earn money on popular brands of food, beverages, and diapers. The app is easy and quick to use which is why you should download it today! Welcome to day two of ... Read More

    Checkout 51
  • 13 things I’ve Learned About Motherhood

    One of my favorite websites is http://www.buzzfeed.com. The site is genius and addicting. Buzzfeed sucks you in, and 45 minutes later you realized you’ve done nothing but reposted a bunch of articles ... Read More

    13 things I’ve Learned About Motherhood