• Two Ingredient Pineapple Whips

    If you are looking for a delicious and healthy treat you have to make Pineapple Whips; you won't regret it! A few weeks ago we visited my family in San Diego and went to Sea World. Before my ... Read More

    Two Ingredient Pineapple Whips
  • How A Kenny Chesney Concert Impacted My Life:

    How a Kenny Chesney Concert impacted my life and made me re-evaluate how I live my life. I will probably mention this frequently, but I love music. In my opinion, nothing beats attending a ... Read More

    How A Kenny Chesney Concert Impacted My Life:
  • Where Is The Love?

    It seems like every week we hear about another tragic event in the world rather it be a bombing, a police shooting, a mass shooting, or a terrorist attack it's disheartening and sickening.  I keep ... Read More

    Where Is The Love?
  • Songs of the week!

    I will admit one of the songs I am currently addicted to is a shock for me. I also threw in some older songs which I'm currently loving, and this is extra long because I love talking about ... Read More

    Songs of the week!
  • Easiest Pasta Recipe

    Today I'm bringing you the Easiest Pasta Recipe which is full of flavor that the whole family will enjoy! I admit I may have just over hyped this recipe but I feel confident you will agree with ... Read More

    Easiest Pasta Recipe
  • The Best Chicken Teriyaki Recipe

    If you are looking for an easy meal that's full of flavor, then you have to try my Chicken Teriyaki recipe! As we've been attempting to eliminate sugar from our diet we've been using or giving ... Read More

    The Best Chicken Teriyaki Recipe