• Songs Of The Week- Pop-Punk Edition

    A lot of Pop-Punk bands are reuniting and releasing new music. It felt necessary to discuss some of the great new music by Taking Back Sunday, Sum41, Blink182, Good Charlotte, and ... Read More

    Songs Of The Week- Pop-Punk Edition
  • Gardening in the Desert

    My Top 10 Tips for Gardening in the Desert without killing your vegetables! In a previous post, I mentioned how I would love to "go green" in all aspects of my life. Well, that may be an exaggeration ... Read More

    Gardening in the Desert
  • 33 Times 10 = 1 Year Of Fun

    A few weeks ago I turned 33, I'm weird and hate odd-numbered birthday years so to ensure I live it up for my 33rd year of life I've composed a Top 10 list of things I'd like to do this year. ... Read More

    33 Times 10 = 1 Year Of Fun
  • Checkout 51

    Checkout 51, is an app which helps you earn money on popular brands of food, beverages, and diapers. The app is easy and quick to use which is why you should download it today! Welcome to day two of ... Read More

    Checkout 51
  • My Daughter’s Songs Of The Week

    I love music, and thankfully my daughter enjoys music as much as me. In 2015 I made a list of her favorite songs and have been documenting her favorite songs since. I will disclaim that people will ... Read More

    My Daughter’s Songs Of The Week
  • Pizza Enchilada

    Pizza with a twist. A simple recipe for Pizza Enchiladas for the whole family. As I've mentioned before my husband is a picky eater. Creating meals for us to eat has always presented a challenge for ... Read More

    Pizza Enchilada